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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Days of Christmas - 12

As one ages, Christmases tend to blend into one another so that you remember them in flashes here and there.

One of these flashes takes me back to Christmas Eve as a child in Trinidad. There was ham in the oven, filling the room with the lovely smells. Carols on the radio and fresh bread anxiously waiting for the ham.

This is one tradition I've brought forward to our lives. Every Christmas Eve, I make a ham and we have ham sandwiches for dinner. The corgis are always close by and they are rewarded with a small piece. I am rewarded with gobs of drool on the floor. :)

Then, we horse around on the floor with the dogs, race up and down the hallway, and have plenty of cuddles. Right now, it's a waiting game for Gimli to go to bed. Then, I can fill the stockings without him obsessing over his and the cookies inside.

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