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Monday, June 1, 2015

Do you mean me?

This past Saturday we went to a local school for a bake sale/carnival. The school was fundraising, and since our neighbor's children attend the school, we figured we'd stop by for some plants, baked goods etc.

Once we arrived, we made our way around the gym and went past a table staffed by players from a local pick up women's soccer league. Now, I don't play soccer. I've never played it, I don't know the rules. It requires a player to run back and forth moving a ball and trying to keep it away from other players. I'm so uncoordinated, it's a wonder I can run in a straight line! The only benefit I bring to a team... is to the opposing team!

The closest I ever come to soccer is when we watch the World Cup and the Euro cup. I root for Germany only because:

  • I've been there
  • Mike has German ancestry
  • a friend of mine is German. That's it.

This is the only soccer jersey I'll ever wear

Imagine my surprise when one of the ladies rushes up from the table and beelines toward me. At this point, we are nearly past the end of the table and I've not made eye contact with any of the staffers. She starts talking to me about this local league. "They meet on Sundays and it's near to the running track. It's a big team, so don't worry if you cannot make it some days. Oh, and you don't even have to be a mom, it's open to all women."

record scratch

What gave her the idea that I'd want to play soccer? And, how did she know I wasn't a mom?

I must be giving off a new set of vibes these days.

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