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Monday, November 29, 2010

The First bit of Snow

On Saturday it snowed.  We woke up to see snow on the ground and it steadily continued on til around midday.  We had to take Gimli to the vet for his annual checkup, so when I took him for a pee pee break and he saw the snow, he went nuts!  He wanted to root his nose into it like a pig looking for truffles and he wanted to run around and pounce in it.

Sadly, we piled into the car and went to the vet.  But, I knew, I knew I would have to indulge him upon our return.

The vet visit was uneventful, Gimli is healthy as a horse.  He's a bit of a fat ass though, at 31 lbs, I am not happy about this number but we'll see about getting in more exercise over the winter.  Our backyard is fenced so that means he can run around in the snow over the course of the season.  He got his usual shots and next year we are going to start alternating the shots now that he has built up his immunity.

We stopped off at Walmart so I could run in and grab some Tupperware that was on sale... it was all gone, big surprise huh?  I looked at the crazy people running around and sighed that I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping yet.

Upon our arrival at home, Mike started shoveling the driveway in his old wheelchair so as not to dirty the new one, and the passersby all slowed down to watch.  I should charge admission the next time it snows.  Yes folks, step right up to see the amazing man in a wheelchair use a shovel!  Wait til they see him use the snowblower!  That's at least $2 admission fee.

I took Gimli into the backyard and all hell broke loose!  He ran around in the snow, frapping and barking at it, eating some and sniffing some.  He found his snowy soccer ball and we played fetch for a bit.

On Sunday, we were out again for a bit longer this time.  He frapped around and rolled in it.  I made snowballs and he chased and ate them.  I started making a snow pile, but Gimli wanted none of that and every time I made some progress, he came running up and pounced on it, digging and eating to his heart's content.

The snow is gone today and I don't think we'll have snow til the weekend, maybe, but I know Gimli's anxiously waiting for it!

Snow puff balls stuck to my fluff!

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