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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm walkin' here!

Today must have been, 'Let's slam Candy!' Day.

Had a crummy day and a headache during the afternoon... YAY!  Yes, I get migraines every once in a while and they pretty much cripple me.  Unfortunately, I don't get any warnings or auras that other migraine sufferers do, so for me its like in the cartoons when the ACME anvil falls on the character's head.  It hits right out of the blue!

We went grocery shopping this evening, all was well until I was returning the cart.  I returned it to the corral and started back to the car.  All of a sudden, this woman zooms into the parking lane and zooms into the parking spot next to our car narrowly missing running me over!  I had to jump out of the way and almost bumped into this guy who was heading into the supermarket to buy some strawberries or Coke.

I got into the car ranting and raving how this mad woman driving like Cruella deVille trying to get some Dalmatian puppies almost ran me over.  Then, Cruella proceeded to sit in the car and organize 'things'.  She nearly killed me going for a parking spot so she could sit there and organize 'things'.

Where's my Stewie death ray when I need it?

Oh and ranting when you've nearly been killed doesn't count against the No Complaints thing.

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