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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Halloweenish Guinea Pigs

Mike and I moved into our first house in July 2006.  It was a great house, open concept main floor with the dining room about 1/2 open concept.  We lived in that house for 3 years and never had a dining room table.  Because of this, we never hosted any large dinners, you know like the big ones - Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  I was secretly happy for this, shhh, don't tell Mike.

We moved into this house on Halloween 2009.  This house has the dining room incorporated into the kitchen and living room and so we purchased this dining room table soon after moving in and the sideboard this year.

This year we are hosting Christmas dinner for about 8-10 guests.

Because I had never made a turkey with all the fixins before and because I'm a huge perfectionist and paranoid things would go wrong, Mike and I held a Halloweenish Guinea Pig dinner party this past Saturday.  There was 11 guests in attendance.

Mike and I started preparing the night before.  We made the sour cream/cream cheese potatoes, (I made waaaay too much, a 5 lb bag, I'll use 5 less potatoes next time), and shoved them into the fridge and I made my two layer Dracula imprinted blood cake, (of which I didn't take a picture and I'm very sad).

The day of, my brother and I made some Halloween shaped cookies, (no pictures here either), but take my word for it, they were GOOD!

I used the convection oven for the first time, which cut the turkey roasting time by about 2 hours, (YES!).  Except because I was paranoid, I put the turkey in around 1 pm and the turkey was ready well before anyone had arrived, (BOOOOOO!).  No matter, it was still moist and juicy and awesome!  At least that's what everyone told me to my face...

Mike and I finished up with some corn, maple baby carrots, our gravy, which ran out, (oops) and my favorite non-dessert part of the meal, the sausage stuffing.  Oh yeah, slightly spiced Italian sausage cut into 1/2 moons mixed into the stuffing along with its oh so bad for you drippings.  Man, that was good!  My only problem with it was I didn't make enough!  I'm buying more boxes of stuffing for Christmas, never mind what Mike says.  The stuffing is all mine...

... I wonder what the stuffing would taste like if I put bacon into it... hmmmmmmmmmm

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