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Monday, November 8, 2010

Automatic corgi

When Gimli was a puppy, went to Obedience classes at Petsmart.  He learned the usual things like, sit, down, stay, wait, come (sometimes), and all about walking on a leash.

I taught him shake a paw, wave, touch, pray and roll over.

This went well up until very recently.  Because everyday he visits Mike's parents who stuff him with cheese, he goes through a routine of tricks so he gets his cheese.

When he comes home, I make him perform a trick before he's fed and at other times in the day. It varies each time to keep him on his toes.

Except now, he does his tricks by memory like a trained seal.  If I so much as hesitate before giving him a command, he waves, then touches, then prays etc.

I'm not entirely sure how to remedy this, but perhaps when he doesn't listen or performs the wrong trick, then the game is over and I'll walk away and we'll try again in a few minutes.

Will update again once I have some results.

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