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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things for 2011

So a bunch of people I know are doing a '100 things I want to do in 2011' list and while I agree its a great idea, I am finding it difficult to come up with 100 things.

Therefore, I'm just going to write things down until I can't think of anything else and see where I end up.

   1. Read More, nothing special, just reading.
   2. Pay attention to my blog and post more
   3. Join BlogHer
   4. Attend BlogHer 2011, wherever it is
   5. Do what I need to do to get off one of my medications
   6. Go to the Zoo
   7. Make a better attempt at brushing Gimli more than once a week
   8. To achieve this, setup a grooming table in the laundry room
   9. Start expanding the list of meals that I can cook from memory
  10. Start branching out and cooking different things, planning is key and laziness is no excuse
  11. Eat more fruits and veggies
  12. Cut my hair, and not just a trim either, goodbye long locks.
  13. Get a 2nd corgi
  14. Learn to walk two of them properly
  15. Improve Gimli’s recall
  16. Make a Pooh Bear gingerbread house
  17. See The Lion King stage show
  18. Continue with the No Complaint experiment
  19. Take more visits to The Arboretum and see our coyote friend again
  20. Get off my butt and be more active
  21. Play with Gimli in the snow
  22. Try to make a snow ‘animal’
  23. Get more sleep
  24. Read Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection and apply it to myself
  25. Woofstock?
  26. Parasailing @Castaway Cay
  27. Discover local restaurants in my city
  28. See the Tim Burton exhibit
  29. Go to the Animal mass with Jeannie
  30. Make it to Trinidad to introduce Mike to the rest of my crazy family, hopefully I'll still be married by the time we return.
  31. ...


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