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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What to do when you can't get through the door?

Pull the fire alarm!  Yes, this device that one must only pull in the event there is a real fire.

I went into the office yesterday to catch up with everyone so they wouldn't think I've succumbed to cabin fever.  It was nasty cold outside, -18 or something like that with the wind chill.  Colder than a witch's tit.

It was the middle of the afternoon, the office is quiet and all of a sudden we hear this noise, which doesn't sound like any fire alarm at all.  We're all walking around for about a minute trying to figure out if this is the actual fire alarm, since most of us work from home.  Finally it sinks in and we rush back to our desks to grab our coats to head downstairs.

Outside its freezing.  We're standing there bracing behind minivans trying to stay out of the biting wind, secretly cursing whoever planned the fire drill and equally hoping the building burned down so we weren't freezing in vain.  Finally they gave us the all clear and we trudged back upstairs.

I later found out someone had pulled, yes pulled the fire alarm.  Why you ask?  Was it a prank?  A method to break up the monotony?

Nope, not in the least.

See, in our stairwells at each door there's a security box where you swipe your badge and you gain access.  Its quite simple really.  Well, this person, swiped her badge and I suppose it didn't take, so instead of swiping again, she pulls the fire alarm... why?  Because the lever on the fire alarm would open the door.

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