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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rox from da mines of moria?

Hewo, Gimli heer,

i am bery upset with candy und mike.  i have been trappt in dis haus for the past 2 weeks.  i don kno why it haz to take so longg, are dey bringing rox from moria???

something is going on outside and i cannot go see.  i can only see from the window.

dis guys came and took away the grass in the front where I used to rolly.

and in the back, its even wurse!

this loud monster came and dug up the grass and then got stuk in the mud.  they could have asked me to help dig.  den another bigger monster came and pulled dat one out.

den this slab thing appeared on the ground.  i want to kno why nobody ax me to make sum dsinz, i culd do it.

and then these walls appeared too and i don't kno why they want to make a castle outside, but maybe its for me becus i am a royal corgi, just ask Queen Elizabeth!  it not finish doh, maybe a big monster came und broked it und dey want som roouns.

but we still cannt go outside to run around and play becus now these big flat stones came.

also der are plants and fowers in the front, ready for me to peepee on.

sometimes the work is loud and i want to bark a them but candy has me bloked upstairs with my crate and a skinny box.  i don't know why she is being so mean to me, all i want to do is bark at them and cober dem with kisses und hayr when they come in to use the washroom.

hrmph, i neber get to hab any fun.

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