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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I love my new frisbee!

A couple weeks ago, we made our monthly trip to the local pet store to pick up more food, cookies and poopy bags.  Gimli was a whirling dervish as usual so Mike had him close to the chair and kept giving him cookies whenever he behaved and corrections whenever he wanted to jump on people.

We ended up purchasing a 60lb bag of dog food, 2 bags of cookies, multi-colored poopy bags and some toys.  Don't ask me why there are multi-colored poopy bags, I suppose if you need to color coordinate with your dog or perhaps your dog's poo, those would be for you.  We bought them because they were the only ones left and our scented ones were all out.

I'm crazy about buying new toys for Gimli so we settled on these two:

Gimli doesn't really care for the little pink one, I think he doesn't quite like the holes and how it feels in his mouth.  He will play with it, but he holds it in his mouth very gently, almost like a Retriever.

The frisbee though, you be the judge...

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