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Monday, October 10, 2011

Green fuzzy feet

This weekend was the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and it also marked a good weekend to cut the grass, one of the few weekends left before it becomes very cold and the grass starts to hibernate.

Our very old tree had been dropping leaves like crazy, which we mulched to help feed the grass to choke out the weeds.  I'm glad to say our ugly weed population is on the decline, but there's far too much that still remains for my liking.

Gimli had a good time romping around outside, rolling around in the grass and playing with the squirting hose.

I think he's decided he's no longer a Welshman and he's going to try to be an Irishman...

Still cute, even if they are green.

Getting ready for Christmas?  Red & Green?

Wet little doggie

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