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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is what happens when you live with 2 boys

There's just the three of us at home.  Myself, Mike and Gimli.  I'm outnumbered by males, although Gimli is neutered so what does that make him?

In any event, Mike and Gimli play rough.  Rough and tumble, get on the floor and wrestle and throw toys and generally behave like animals.

Gimli and I are different, where I will throw toys, but I will also squeeze him and kiss him to death and want to snuggle.

Tonight, we had an episode of "wildness".  To explain, this is not the same as frapping.  Corgis possess that innate power to frap in and around obstacles without running into it or hurting themselves.  I call "wildness" the cause of injury to body or item when a person or small furry animal behaves in such a way that one might consider them to be straight out of the wilderness.

Mike and Gimli were playing in the hall, throwing a toy down the hallway and then wrestling.  Mike threw a toy, which bounced off the door jamb.  Gimli went after the toy but was too late and collided with the wood with the front of his mouth.  Thankfully other than getting the wind knocked out of him and lying down next to Mike like a puppy afterwards, Gimli is fine.  The door jamb on the other hand has a nice tooth mark into the wood.

Wildness I tell ya...

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