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Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to spell Sleep?

Gimli is a creature of habit.  He knows what happens when we turn off the tv in the living room, he knows what happens when he hears the cheese wrapper crinkle and he knows what happens when the toaster oven beeps.

In the evenings, I head off to bed anywhere between 10 and 11 pm.  When I'm tired, I become grumpy and nothing annoys me more than Gimli barking, which he does whenever you mention the words, "sleep" and "bed".  This dog of mine is so particular about these words that if you mention them, he expects he's actually going to go to his crate for the night and will become very grumpy and barkity bark bark if you either:

- delay in putting him to bed
- attempt to put him to bed when he's not ready.

(who's the pack leader again?)

Often, its late in the evening and Mike and I have been spelling these words.  Its been working quite well, until now...

I spelled S - L - E - E - P to which Gimli piped up and expected to be put to bed.

Aye, I need a new word.  Anyone know how to say 'sleep' in Spanish and/or German?

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