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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Corgi Bloggers Secret Santa 2011

This year Gimli and I participated in the Corgi Bloggers Secret Santa gift exchange.  We were matched up with other corgis and their owners based on those that had submitted a picture for the "Corgis with Blogs" calendar run by Kelly over at CorgiButts.

We were matched up with Puppy on a Roomba and we received a lovely set of presents.

As shown in the picture, we received a fluffy ball, an unstuffed llama - that Gimli took a liking to, doggie bubbles - can't wait to try this out with Gimli, a treat bottle - this will be used when I'm working to keep Gimli occupied, bone shaped cookies - for when Gimli has been really good and a stuffed "Christmas light" that squeaks on one end and rattles on the other.

It was great fun and we'll join the fun again next year.

Thank you to Ty & Eve, those lovely corgis, and their owners!


  1. Gimli is so fluffy and huggable!! Ty and Eve really spoiled you :) Happy New year!!