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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things to do for 2011 - December update

I have been so behind on my list and now we are at the end of the year and I have a great deal of catching up to do.

1. Read More, nothing special, just reading. - Started on this.  I have a Kobo now and because I have a great deal of the e-reader files, its easier to read because I'm not worrying about deadlines - ie a library book or worrying about the cost of new books and where to store them.

2. Pay attention to my blog and post more - This comes and goes.  If I have something interesting to post, I will, but I did find I had a backlog in my head and I don't like that.  I'll have to buckle down and come up with a better plan for this.

3. Join BlogHer & 4. Attend BlogHer 2011 - The jury is out on this one.  I doubt I will end up joining, mainly because my followers on this site and on Twitter have increased a little and the more exposure I receive on other people's sites, the better it is for traffic.  BlogHer was something that the non-corgi blogs I follow are members of, but these people are full time bloggers who can devote time to this organization.  I'm not, I work full time and while attending conventions would be great, my vacation days are more sacrosanct.

5. Do what I need to do to get off one of my medications - Done.  Luckily for me, I was able to stop taking it on my own and didn't need permission from my doctor.  I told her that I had stopped taking it and she was glad.  I do have an action plan for what to do now that the symptoms will return.  This hopefully I can start in the new year.

6. Go to the Zoo - Done. We went back in August and while we did have a great time, its amazing how run down the Toronto Zoo looks.  There were many animals just pacing around in their enclosures and it was a little sad.

7. Make a better attempt at brushing Gimli more than once a week - This comes and goes.  It's easier now that he likes brushing so either Mike or I will brush him weekly or every 2 weeks and it's less of a chore with Gimli.

8. To achieve this, setup a grooming table in the laundry room -We won't be needing a grooming table because Gimli is much better at it and we have found a great groomer in town.  Gimli has started getting regular visits, which helps with the length of the hair and which in turn helps us to maintain his coat.

9. Start expanding the list of meals that I can cook from memory

10. Start branching out and cooking different things, planning is key and laziness is no excuse - This didn't really get done, but I found a positive side effect.  Instead of memorizing the recipes, I have more recipes in my head that I can draw from, thus expanding our repertoire of what to make for dinner.  As we expand with our meal planning, it becomes easier to keep track of what's in the pantry and what it can be paired with.

11. Eat more fruits and veggies - This I have failed miserably.  Some days/weeks we are on track and other times we are not.  This needs to be fixed.

12. Cut my hair, and not just a trim either, goodbye long locks. - I did this!  See the post here: Hair today, gone tomorrow.

13. Get a 2nd corgi - Sadly, no 2nd corgi on the horizon.  We don't have the feeling and I don't think now is the right time.  Is there a right time?  I don't know.  I do feel an internal pull from the corgi rescue side of things.  My mind is shifting and I feel like giving back and wanting to open up our lives to a rescue.  We'll head down this route and see what happens.

14. Learn to walk two of them properly - On hold.

15. Improve Gimli’s recall - This needs work.  Mike and I have discussed taking him to the dog park to work with him.

16. Make a Pooh Bear gingerbread house - Because I happened to gain about 10 lbs in the past few months, this is not getting done.  There's too much temptation for me to eat the entire thing and I refuse to put myself into that sort of trap.

17. See The Lion King stage show -we went in June.  This was an amazing show!  It was true to the movie and some of the scenes, like the wildebeest stampede was well done.  If there's ever a chance to see this play, go see it.

18. Continue with the No Complaint experiment - ongoing

19. Take more visits to The Arboretum and see our coyote friend again - We went on our picnic to the Arboretum and we had a great time.  It's hard to go there over the winter, but I will see how the weather holds up over the course of the rest of the year and see if Gimli and I can squeeze in 1 more visit.

20. Get off my butt and be more active - This more than ever!  We got a Bowflex TreadClimber and Mike and I have started using it.  I am already up to 15 minutes a day, with a goal of 30 minutes a day.

21. Play with Gimli in the snow - This will continue as we are heading into winter and we're waiting for snow.

22. Try to make a snow ‘animal’ - see # 21.

23. Get more sleep - Overall, this is better.  I do have nights where I don't sleep well, but not as much.  I do need to go to bed earlier though.

24. Read Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection and apply it to myself - I'm not finished with it, but what I have read has helped me.  I do still have perfectionist tendencies, but I can feel that it's not as bad as it once was.

25. Woofstock? - we went in June, see the post here - Woofstock 2011!

26. Parasailing @Castaway Cay - not happening as its cost prohibitive.

27. Discover local restaurants in my city - This, we failed miserably, and need to do better next year.

28. See the Tim Burton exhibit - Saw this 2/26.  I found myself wondering what other things  Burton would have done if time and space warped and he met Walt Disney  himself.

29. Go to the Animal mass with Jeannie - Wanted to, but we both got so busy that it never happened.  I would like to do this, but now the trouble is finding a Church that does service for animals.

30. Make it to Trinidad to introduce Mike to the rest of my crazy family, hopefully I'll still be married by the time we return. - Didn't happen.  There were some political upheaval in Trinidad and I didn't feel comfortable going.

31. Go to the Winter Walk with your dog  - Unfortunately, this was canceled due to a lack of attendees.  I am  still on record and they've said they will try to hold it again in  Feb/March etc, so we'll see.  If they choose to hold it again, I will  definitely attend.

32. Start a new job - started Feb. 1st.

33. Eat at a Summerlicious restaurant - Didn't happen, putting on the list for next year.

34. Write a letter to Queen Elizabeth II for her birthday and include pictures of Gimli. -Sent it out before we went on vacation.  And I got a response!

35.  Lose anywhere from 5-10 lbs, I'm 122 lbs now.  Its deliberately vague  as I'm really only striving to look better in my clothes.  I'm unsure if  5 or 10 lbs will do it, so starting off small. - This has been increased to losing 10lbs to start and then possibly another 5 lbs.

36. See Rammstein again - Went on 5/8 and we had an awesome time!

37. Go to the Dog Jog - Went 3/27, had a great time!  See post here: First Annual Dog Jog

38. Stop playing that soul sucking MMO that Mike and I started together, but I've been left in the dust - Officially canceled my account.  Have uninstalled and surprisingly I don't feel any need to return to it.  See my post about it here - Siren Song.

39. Do the Toronto Zombie Walk and bring Gimli along with us.  I had aspirations of going in 2010, but it didn't happen.  I feel this year will be different and I'd like to do it! - This didn't happen and we're going to try to do it again next year.

40. Take a Photography class this year. - Didn't happen, but would still like to do it, perhaps next year.

41. Speaking of photography, I was looking through my pictures tonight and I was saddened there aren't more pictures of Mike and I.  This needs to be rectified. - We have gotten better, but not nearly enough as I would like.

 42. Start going to the Spa to get regular massages, budget permitting of course. - I purchased a Groupon for a massage and Mike got me some spa time for my birthday, so this is coming for sure.  Most likely after Christmas in the new year.

43. Sign up for the 5k walk at the Scotia Bank marathon later in the year. - Done, see my post here: Participate in a 5k

44. Return to the Church. This has been gnawing at me over the past few months and I keep telling myself to do it, but I haven't yet.  It seems whenever I put things down on this list, they start getting done, so here it is. - Working on this one.  Tried to go to Confession a few weeks ago, but couldn't find the priest at the Church.  Determined to go back though and try again.

45. Start learning German - I have wanted to do this for a long time and I feel this is the year to do it.  I ran through the trial version of Rosetta Stone and I actually picked up a few words/sentences.  Once our money situation levels out, I'll definitely order the first 2 Rosetta Stone levels and get started.  Soon I'll be able to actually sing the songs as opposed to wondering what they mean!

46. Train Gimli to listen - Gimli has gotten better. He's not at 100% yet, but he is better.  He now wears a modified choke chain on the walks and it has helped him to get the message that he's to focus on me when we are walking.  His behavior in the house is better, but we are still fighting with his possessiveness and his excitement when people arrive.  Mike and I discussed our plan of attack with these areas and we're going to apply them as needed and we'll go from there.  He is so very close to beating these two items, but often all it takes is one slip up and we lose ground.

This leaves me at about 41% complete, which isn't bad for the first year I set out to accomplish a set of goals, but next year I want to be better.

We will see!

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