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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gimli's letter to Santa Klaus

Dear Santa Klaus,

its me gimli agin. i hear you ar comin to visit us soon. i hab been bery good dis yar, expect when i wuz not listening to candy und mike.

well, heer is my list:

lots of kisses und hugs
a wubba dat makes noiz, da one i have doesn't make noiz anymore
something to eat
sum toyz
sum peanut butter
a apple

for candy:
an onodder corgi, if you can find one with a white spot on his/her head, all da bedder
sum chokalit for her, maybe she will share wif me

for mike:
his leg is bodering him, pleez fix it

for all da oder doggies:
for dem to find love und a nice place to lib und lots of food and toyz

tank you,

Lord Gimli

ps i will be watching for you

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