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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5 things going on in this house - May

Where did May go?

1. We are back from our vacation. We did the 7 day Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy. I ate too much, got too much sun - damn you Banana Boat sunscreen! and missed my corgis.

The laundry is finally done and folded... but not yet put away. The suitcases have been "Lysol-ed" and while one was airing out, Gimli decided it would be a good idea to sleep in the suitcase. Maybe he's trying to tell us something.

2. While on the subject of our vacation, last Friday Mike and I completed a 5k walk on Castaway Cay. Suffice it to say, I have a great deal of work to do before our 5 and 10k races in January.

I also have to get a new pair of sneakers. I have flat feet and after that 5k, my feet were ready to fall off. It's now Tuesday and I'm just able to take the dogs for a walk without much pain. I pretty much limped all Saturday and Sunday.

3. While we were away last week, the weather at home was rainy. It was nice to come home to a greener lawn, buds on the trees and leaves sprouted on our shrubs. I did have to pull some weeds though on Sunday.

This year, we are taking an active stance on the weeds and so long as we can pull them out quickly, I'm hoping it will stem the tide.  Don't know if it will actually work, but that's my plan.

We are still in a deadlock on the subject of flowers. One day I'm just going to go out and buy some and plant them and be done with it.

4. While on the subject of weeds, I'm unsure if Gimli's allergies are acting up this season. Usually he presents with little itchy spots on his belly and I've not seen any yet, but he's been rubbing his face on the carpet a bit more than usual.

We brushed and Furminated him and gave him an under-carriage wash over the weekend and he's a little bit better. I cannot tell if Merida is going to have the same allergies too. She's been a little itchy, but it could be just dirty feet.

We'll continue to monitor.

5. In an attempt to give back to the neighborhood birdies, we've been leaving out tufts of corgi hair in the backyard. I hope the birds use the hair to make their nests.

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