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Sunday, July 20, 2014


I don't like creepy crawly things.

Insects, spiders, lizards, geckos, chameleons, salamanders, snakes, frogs, toads, gila monsters, scorpions etc, I don't like them.

Alligators are ok - see me and Ginger, though I'm not going to go swim with them anytime soon.

I fully support the right for them to exist and to contribute to this planet, but for the love of God, go do it elsewhere or if you're going to traipse through my backyard, do it when I can't see you.

Our backyard backs up against a farmer's field, so there are any number of critters that wander around the neighborhood. I'm fine with this... except when it comes to the frogs.

We've finally gotten our yard to the point where the weeds are manageable, the grass is coming back and our shrubs and flowers are growing.  Except, there's a small area between the fence and the other side of the house that looks like a small piece of wilderness. Very little sun gets into this area, so no grass will grow. The sod that was put down when we moved into this house has since died, leaving the bare ground for the weeds to take up residence. And take up residence they have!

Yesterday, after I mowed the lawn, I decided I'd go into my small piece of wilderness to pull some of the 4 ft tall weeds. All was going well until I heard a rustle in the grass to my left. I looked over to see a fair sized spotted frog hop over to the fence and disappear into the neighbor's yard.

Friends, I don't know how my legs worked at that time, but they got me out of there!

I scurried into the house and lamented to Mike, who promptly laughed at me.  Gee, thanks.

Suffice it to say, I'm now trying to find some sort of suitable ground cover for that little piece of wilderness. That way, I can plant it, choke out the weeds and not have to go over there ever again.

The only frog I like is this one:

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