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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Where is the purple thing?

Last year, we purchased this purple Kong treat dispenser. It's a hollow tube that is stuffed with treats or peanut butter or a combination of both and it's supposed to keep your dog occupied.

It looks just like this and I believe it's the Medium size.

I must say, it works quite well. We only need to show it to Gimli and he knows what's coming.

There is one problem with it though... Gimli lost it.

A number of months ago, I gave it to Gimli with some carrots in it, while I gave Merida a different treat dispenser.  The last I saw of it, he was laying on his side pawing at it in the spare bedroom. When I went to add more treats, I couldn't find it.

We've turned the house upside down, but we cannot find it.

Gimli's not talking, so we're at a loss.  I'm sure the next owner of our house will find it one day and wonder what the hell this old, crusty, hair covered thing is.

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