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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Running - June '14

I've been run/walking for about a month.

I've been following the couch to 5k app and I'm able to run/walk about 2.5 km, which is roughly 1.5 miles. This past weekend, I ran 2 intervals of 3 minutes straight. Not much yet, but considering that last month I couldn't do it, I'm pleased with the results.

If I keep this up, then I'll be up to 5k by this time next month.

Then, I'll switch to the 10k training plan, which will take me to the next level to be ready for our two runs.

What have I learned in this time:

1. Buy proper running shoes.

I bit the bullet and purchased a pair of Asics Ice running shoes... in pink (!!!) and in a size 9. We went to an actual running store and spoke to the salesperson who looked at my feet and my gait and was able to suggest some brands. I tried on 3 different pairs before I settled on the current one. My issue is that I have flat feet and I need the cushioning under and around my feet. The salesperson also suggested I go up a size to give my toes enough room to lie as my feet come up after each stride.

It feels different and a little freeing to not have to worry about foot pain when trying to increase your stamina.

2. Run in the morning.

We've found that running in the morning makes the day go a bit smoother. You aren't forcing yourself to go after work when you're tired or had a bad day.

It also makes it easy to run when it's cooler, as opposed to when the sun is beating down on you.

3. Feet position.

I'm calling it this because I don't have any other term for it. I found when I ran that I'd bring up my knees/feet too high and I was wasting energy and tiring far too quickly.

I've since reduced the height of my knees/feet and I can see and feel the difference. I'm still tired, but I'm tired closer to the end of the run as opposed to during the first third.

That's all I have so far and your mileage may vary on these. I'll post another update once I've hit another milestone.

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