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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Looking back

If you're a Facebook user, you've probably seen those "See your memories" links, which allow you to view all the posts done on a particular day for the past few years. I like to look at the memories, but often I don't remember what I was doing at that time - it's just a cryptic Facebook status.

The other day, however, it showed me the blog post I created back in 2011 when I completed my first ever 5k. You can read it here: Participate in a 5k - Done. I was over the moon when I completed it and I remember being nervous in the weeks leading up to it.. wondering if I would be able to complete it and what if I couldn't? That day after we returned home, we couldn't move and were quite sore.

Can you say wrong type of shoe for my running feet?

My, how times have changed.

  • This year, I've completed 5 "official", (read: timed race), 5ks and 1 "official" 10k. The 10k nearly killed me, though :(.
  • I've completed 7 "unofficial" 5ks in our subdivision, and a bunch of lesser distances.
  • I've watched my 5k times go from about an hour walking, down to 38 minutes of running/walking.
  • I've struggled with my first running injury.
  • I've struggled with finding pants for my already larger thighs. Seriously, someone needs to make a line of pants for women who have big thighs, but a small waist. Going up 2 sizes to fit my legs is not a good look.
So, what's next?
  • Reducing my 5k time.
  • Completing at least one "official" 10k next year.
  • Doubling my year over year kms ran. This one is purely just to see if I can do it. I have until June 30th next year to run 526 kms. Since July, I've completed 117 kms. I'm roughly 1/5 of the way there.
  • Maybe this is too much, too soon, but completing my first half-marathon this time next year. I would really like to run the Star Wars half marathon in 2017, but I'm not going to have that one be my first half. It's too much money in race fees and airfare for that to be my first.

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