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Monday, January 16, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to my Twitter feed

Friday morning as I scrolled through my Twitter feed, I saw a retweet by one of my followers.

See, this person is a writer based in California who follows me.  I'm unsure how he came across my profile because I'm not sure he has any corgis, but I followed him back.  Far be it for me to limit my audience, unless of course you're one of those porn or data mining accounts.  He does have a novel that he's finishing up so I'm sure I'll give it a read once it's published.

Anyway, he retweeted, "Happy Friday the 13th!", from someone that he's following.  Turns out the person he's following is related to me by marriage.

She married my 2nd cousin?  or is it 3rd, I never know with these things.  Basically she's married to my mom's first cousin on my maternal grandfather's side.

The reason this is all a neat surprise is because I didn't know she existed.  Her husband, David, is much older than I am.  So much so that I'm sure his only memories of me are of a small, little, shy kid wearing a blue school uniform with pigtails spending a great deal of time at her grandparents' house.

When we moved away from Trinidad, I was 9 and my mother, who is not very good at keeping in touch with anyone, lost contact with a great deal of people.

She's an author too and by skimming her website and her Facebook profile she's also a Disney person, like we are!

Twitter has just made my world smaller.

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