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Monday, January 16, 2012

Operation schrumpfen Check-in #2

It's been a week of exercising and I'm up to 20 minutes a day on the TreadClimber.  Yesterday I did the plank exercise for about 30 seconds and I nearly died in the process, well not really but I'm a weakling.  I also did 20 repetitions of the "jack-knife" where you do a sit up and lift your legs at the same time.

Suffice it to say today I am sore to the point of the inability to laugh. This is difficult with a corgi as silly as Gimli who loves to make me laugh!

Now to the important stuff, the figures:

Weight: 132
Circumference under ribcage: 29
Circumference at belly button: 32.5
Circumference at hips: 37.5
Circumference of thigh: 23.5

A caveat:
  • The circumference under the ribcage increased to 29 because I am chubby right under my ribcage.  Since there's nothing I can do about my rib expansion and I need to be less chubby under my ribs, there was a need to change the value and the measurement location.
Overall, I'm happy with the figures:
  • I don't know how I gained .5 of an inch in the hip area, but we'll see how the weeks progress.  It could be Mike measuring in a slightly different spot.
  • My thigh is up by .5 of an inch too, but since I've been doing a great deal of walking/climbing/stepping, I'm not too worried about this figure.
  • I really like the new figure at the belly button!
  • I also like the new weight figure, so long as it stays steady or decreases, I'm happy.
Little by little I'll get there.

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