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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gimli and his conference call

During my day to day activities at work, I'm on the phone in various meetings or training sessions.

We have given Gimli free reign of our house and he often spends the day at our front window, lying in his bed and grumbling at passersby and the neighbors and the odd cat that is allowed free reign in the dead of winter.

It never fails that when I am on the phone and actively talking, Gimli starts barking.  And I don't mean the soft 'woof' that corgis make when they are slightly annoyed.  I'm talking the full on "Aroooooooooo" and a rapid succession of barks that can be heard through my voip headset.

It has happened a few times when talking with my boss and she just laughs at me, mainly because her dogs do the same thing.  It's not too bad, but it can become annoying as Gimli is not yet trained to stop barking on command.  We are working on it, but with anything that isn't strictly reinforced it's taking a great deal longer.

For Christmas as part of the Secret Santa, Gimli received a treat bottle.  It opens at the bottom and there's a hole and a rope protruding from the top.  The dog is to play with it so that the treats come out at the top.

I decided that in advance of my meeting this afternoon that I'd give Gimli the treat bottle so he'd stay quiet.

Well, you can guess how that turned out...

Instead of Gimli barking, he played with the plastic bottle and proceeded to knock it against the wall and closet doors and roll around the hallway making those silly, cute noises that corgis make.  Good thing I wasn't actively talking in this meeting, but this is something we will have to practice.  He hasn't quite figured out how to get the treats out, I think the Charlee Bears I used were too big so I'll have to use smaller ones next time.

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